Music on the string academy

Why ?

  • We will believe in you, even when you will not, and that will make a REAL difference
  •  We TRANSFORM, we don’t only inform
  • We teach you how to practice wisely and how to perform freely
  • We help you to control your emotions and only then your motions
  • We give you simple steps to follow in order to create some magic on your string instrument, no matter your level 


In this complicated context, specially for the world of music and life performance, we all understand that the world has changed.  And it will take some time until it goes back to anything that we can call normal. Therefore we need to simply adapt to these new conditions. There is no time to wait and see as life and our musical life must continue. We are taking this improvised and unexpected “Grande Pausa” (pandemic) as a challenge that will help us all to become better and more productive musicians. With or without masks, online or offline, the musical life and musical education simply must continue.

We will be happy if you join us on this journey (concerts, master classes/lessons, newsletters).